Deloitte M&A Survival Kit

This multi-component kit went out to senior partners across Deloitte to convince them to engage Deloitte’s specialist M&A Team on their next big merger or acquisition.


The kit used a little reverse psychology: if a partner insisted on trying to handle a complex deal by themselves, they would need this survival kit. Of course, the kit used humor to demonstrate the complexity and risk that partners would face without Deloitte’s M&A Team on their side.


Components included:

• A deck of lenticular trading cards presenting each M&A Team member as a super hero with special powers.

• The M&A Pitfalls Guide, full of scary pitfalls most partners likely hadn’t thought of.

• A Day One Checklist, which was literally a metre long.

• The Unexpected Variables Spotter (a magnifying glass) to better identify the hidden twists and turns typical of mergers and acquisitions.

• A handy magnet, to scoop up all the money partners were leaving on the table due to missed opportunities that the M&A Team could have found.

• A “spot the differences” test revealing how deals that look similar on the surface could turn out to be radically different.

• And of course, a bottle of M&A Headache Pills.


Since launch, the kit has helped generate $3 million in new business – so far.