Deloitte Crates & Loaders Game

Deloitte Crates & Loaders game Deloitte Crates & Loaders game cards Deloitte Crates & Loaders game cards

How do you stand out at a software conference when everyone’s talking about the same software?


Crates & Loaders is a game created for Deloitte’s booth at a conference on Logility, a specialized supply chain management software. Players advanced (or retreated) by drawing cards in the style of Candy Land or Monopoly.


The game drew people into the booth, provided a way to engage and sell the consultants’ expertise, and, of course, gave everyone an unexpected way to remember Deloitte. Visitors could even take away a home version of the game to aid recall and share Deloitte’s offering.


The result? Deloitte received more traffic than any other booth at the conference – by far.