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Neil Gunner

Creative Director & Copywriter

Looking for a seasoned, senior writer you can trust to tackle a complex project, handhold a client, launch a new business or simply jump in and work on whatever, with whoever?


In my career I’ve teamed with art directors, coders, planners, strategists and UX folks. Sometimes all at the same time.


I’ve written interactive touch-screen installations, multi-page web sites and plenty of TV, radio, social and print campaigns. I’ve helped large corporate clients develop million-dollar pitch-winning presentations, designed a board game, even published a coffee table book (nothing to do with advertising, but still a cool story).


So whatever your need, whatever the business, I’ve probably handled it before. Or I can fake it convincingly.


When I’m not working you’ll find me making stuff, like an online photo gallery. Or learning something new, like html5 technologies (I built the web site you're exploring right now, for instance). Or taking pictures as an official photographer for the Toronto Roller Derby League. Cool right?


The links above will give you the rest of the story. If you like what you see, by all means give me a shout.


And remember: life is just funner when you work with Neil Gunner.